Bergen, Norway

We were enchanted by Bergen upon first glance, during the flight in, when we saw the majestic fjords* & adorable houses dotting the hilly inlets.
*Still not exactly sure what fjords are
We stayed at the Radisson Blu in Bryggen, Old Town Bergen, on points. We really liked it; check out how we got the points & our mini review within this post.
Our adorable hotel in Bryggen! Unclear what my arms are doing…
Our first day was unseasonably hot & gorgeously sunny. We ate lunch in front of our hotel at Madam Felle. It has really delicious food & special lunch prices, but right away we knew this was definitely the most expensive city we’ve been to yet.
Note: don't get the cheapest beer
Tip: don’t get the cheapest beer. Spend the extra euro or 2 for the good stuff!
After a quick nap, we walked around the winding roads and saw some pretty great views of the town & the bay.
Getting acquainted with jet-lag
Selfie stick = Pete doesn’t have to squat!
Great park for a picnic
The next day, we filled up on free hotel breakfast (thank goodness for the upgrade) and stocked some croissants, fruit & sandwiches in our backpacks for our hike on Mount Vidden. This made the perfect lunch. For details & suggestions on the hike, see our other post: Hiking Vidden.
Exhausted after the hike (and after multiple promises to ourselves that we’d feast like royalty to get us through the hike), we treated ourselves to a fantastic Italian dinner at the Ruccola Cafe & Restaurant near the city center in Bergen. And yes, we dined like wet, smelly & dirty kings and queens. Highly recommend this restaurant!
Reindeer pasta & RIsotto...mmmmm
Reindeer Tagliatelle and Spinach & Ricotta ravioli…just what we (thought we) deserved!
In summary, we couldn’t get enough of this quaint town! We’d highly recommend spending a day or two exploring Bergen, probably 2 if you want to do the hike (which you totally should).P1020729


  • Do: hike Mount Vidden (read more here), explore Old town – felt like we were on a movie set!
  • Eat: Ruccola Cafe & Restaurant; Madam Felle (if you have the ca$h), ice cream by the bay, Fish Market
  • Stay: Radisson Blu in Bryggen (Club Carlson points)

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  1. Mary Ellen says: Reply

    Brittany I really enjoy your sense of humor. Peter, the bed looks a little short. Lol It’s so nice to be able to read about your experiences, Bergen looks adorable.

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Thanks! I’m glad at least someone besides me does 😛 Bergen was super adorable

  2. Michael says: Reply

    Please do a story about what you each packed I your backpacks and which backpack you are using.

    1. Pete says: Reply

      Hey Michael,

      We plan on publishing a post soon about exactly that. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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