Bergen Expenses

We absolutely adored the quaint city of Bergen, especially Bryggen, the area where we stayed, despite this being the most expensive town we’ve visited so far. We managed to score some free meals from our hotel upgrade; even with this perk, our stay was still pricey (as expected). Here’s what our Bergen expenses looked like; prices are for both of us.


Flight from Sweden to Bergen (paid in advance): $120.66
Bus from airport to hotel: $24.22
Bus ticket from city center to Montana: $8.60
Total: $153.48


Breakfast at the airport: $19.58
Lunch at Madam Felle (2 beers, 2 entrees): $58.74
Ice cream, 3 scoops each: $13.32
Casa del Toro Mexican restaurant (chips, salsa, wine & beer): $30.76
Italian dinner (Ruccola Cafe & Restaurant): pizza, 2 pastas, 2 glasses of wine: $81.51
Ice cream, 2 scoops each: $10.90
Total: $214.81

Total: $368.29

Total Per Day, Per Person: $92.07

Things to Note

  • Free breakfast from the hotel was huge! We filled up on the delicious breakfast and packed away lunch materials (croissants, fruit, sandwiches) for both days. This upgrade (due to my Club Carlson status) saved us a lot of money.
  • Okay, so we spent a lot of $$ on ice cream…but it was absolutely delicious and one of the more affordable treats!
Triple-scoops felt totally necessary
  • We went a bit overboard at the Italian restaurant, but it was absolutely delicious and exactly what we felt we deserved after our hike (read about the hike in this post).
Reindeer pasta & RIsotto...mmmmm
Reindeer pasta & ravioli at Ruccola cafe
  • Norway is expensive! We attempted to spend a lot less money in Oslo…check out how we did.

In case you missed it, read about our time in Bergen here, or our hike here!

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