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Hi! We're Pete and Brittany and we're so glad you've stopped by. In May 2016, we quit our corporate jobs, sold our belongings, and embarked on a year-long journey to travel the world. Since then, we've been traveling as "flashpackers" with the money we've saved. We created this blog to share our experiences with you and so we can remember our adventures. We hope our experiences will bring you inspiration and entertainment!

Meet Pete

Pete has been addicted to points blogs since July 2013. He researches and discovers the best methods to collect points and rewards to help make traveling affordable! Pete's passion has been amazingly rewarding for us and he is happy to share his findings with you.

Fun Fact: Pete's nickname is Tall Pete - he's 6'9"

Ideal Travel Day: Pete's ideal day starts by waking up in a nice hotel booked completely on points, costing no money. After a relaxing transit to the airport, he heads off to the first class lounge while waiting for his flight. Here he enjoys a nice breakfast before boarding an international first class flight (that, of course, was also booked on points and cost almost no money). On board, he spreads out, relaxes and catches up on all of the latest movies whilst continuing his indulgence in first class food and drink. Upon landing he is in yet another new, tropical and exotic location where he has the rest of the day to explore. Dinner would be trying out the local dish and local beer.


Meet Brittany

Brittany caught the travel bug during her semester studying in Australia (2012) when she was fortunate enough to visit Indonesia, New Zealand & Fiji. She loves finding hidden gems wherever we go.

Fun Fact: She has a twin brother

Ideal Travel Day: Brittany's ideal day would start with an early morning scuba dive, followed by a massive brunch (eggs benedict or french toast, please!). Afterwards, she'd read and/or listen to music on a beach lounge chair, perhaps drifting off for a quick nap. After a lovely massage, she'd enjoy happy hour (strawberry daiquiris) while enjoying some reggae music. Dinner would be spicy, chicken Panang curry with a cheap beer.

Why Should You Read Our Blog?

JAL 777 First Class

We're glad you asked! Our blog is pretty unique in that it offers both miles & points strategies and destination inspiration, both through our travel advice and stories of our experiences. If you consider yourself a "hardcore backpacker," this probably isn't the site for you. We have backpacks because they make travel easy, but we do not consider ourselves "backpackers." If you're interested in traveling comfortably and safely, sometimes luxuriously, then this is the blog for you.

What You Can Expect to Read About on Our Blog

-Getting good deals, including:

--utilizing points (from credit cards and loyalty programs)

--staying at notoriously high-end places for cheap

-Food, especially Italian, Mexican & Greek

-A healthy mix of budget & luxury travel experiences

-Hiking & the outdoors

-Drinks, especially wine, IPAs & margaritas

-Traveling as minimalists


Things We Generally Avoid

-Museums (sorry, we're just not that into them)

-Large, crowded cities (although there are definitely exceptions)

-Dorm hostels: traveling as a couple, it's usually just as expensive to rent an apartment/hotel/guesthouse

-Staying in a city for 2 nights or less

Feel free to contact us at travelbeet@gmail.com! 

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  1. Craig says: Reply

    Hi guys! I just signed up to be notified of new Travelbeet posts. Keep the good stuff comin’

  2. Grandma says: Reply

    Love all your pictures and keeping up with your travels.Never got to Crete but
    really looks beautiful and Greece is loaded with so much history and beauty.
    How exciting and wonderful to be together.
    Love to all,

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Crete was fantastic – we loved the rest of the Greek islands we got to explore too!

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