A Guide to Amex Offers

This post does not necessarily pertain to miles and points, but more to a nice benefit that I have been exposed to thanks to having so many credit cards. That benefit is American Express Offers. If you have an American Express card then you are eligible for these offers. You can load them to your card and then, when you spend with your card and meet the terms of the offer, you get some sort of bonus.

One example of such an offer is if you spend $250 at BestBuy on your American Express credit card, you will receive a statement credit of $25. Another type of offer could be something like earn 3x Membership Rewards points for purchases at Amazon.

How to Load the Offers to Your Card

To get the benefit described in the offer, you have to load the offer to your card before you make the purchase. There are two ways to load offers to your card. One of them is much easier than the other.

1. Load directly in your American Express Account

If you log into your American Express account and scroll down the page, you will see a section called “Amex Offers and Benefits.” In that section you can click on an offer to add it to your card.

Amex Offers

I want to make sure you are aware of one important thing. If you have more than one American Express card, you will sometimes see the same offer available on more than one of your cards. If you add the offer to one of your cards, it will disappear from your others. There is a way around this.

Adding an Offer to Multiple Cards

If you have an offer you want to sync to multiple cards, open up a new tab in your browser for each American Express card that you have. Then go from tab to tab adding the offer to each of your American Express cards.

2. Load via Twitter

This one is not as straight forward as the one described above and has a catch: not every single Amex offer is available to load via twitter. Only a select few are. I follow a blog called Doctor of Credit. He usually posts about good Amex offers and also lets you know if there is a way to add it via Twitter or not.

You need to first go to this page and link your Twitter account to your American Express card. Once they are linked, you need to tweet the hashtag associated with the offer in order for it to sync to your card. For example, if there is an offer for BestBuy you would tweet #AmexBestBuy. A few minutes later, a bot will respond to your tweet either confirming your card is now synced to the offer or that your card is not synced for various different reasons (such as the offer being expired).

Adding an Offer to Multiple Cards

You can also use this to sync offers to multiple cards. Once you have added an offer to your card in the manner described above, you have to go to this page and un-sync your American Express card from your Twitter account. You can then go through the process of syncing your Twitter account again, but this time choose one of your different American Express cards. You would then repeat the same tweet to sync the offer to your other American Express card.

A Recent Example of My Savings

There recently was an offer for spending at Staples. The offer was: if you spend $100 at Staples, you will get a $20 statement credit. I had been wanting to get a few Amazon Echo Dots for a while now. They were on sale at Staples for $40 each (they are usually $50). Then the stars aligned and there was an offer that if you used Visa Checkout (a way to pay for things online), you could get $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. All I needed to do was add my American Express card to my Visa Checkout account. I added 3 Echo dots to my card, which gave me a total of $120. I then used Visa Checkout, which dropped the price to $100. Then, because I used my American Express card and spent $100 at Staples, I received a $20 statement credit for the purchase.

This gave me 3 Echo dots for $80. That’s an amazing price as the normal retail value for three Echo dots would be $150. This is only one example of the many times I have been able to use American Express offers to save a lot of money.


The miles and points game has exposed me to many great benefits of having certain credit cards and this is one of my favorites. I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years using these offers. You can easily make back the money you pay for an annual fee on an American Express card if you use these offers.

Have you been able to take advantage of Amex Offers before? Have any questions?

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