6 Month Miles and Points Review

We have had some amazing luxury travel experiences so far during our year of travel. These would not have been possible without miles and points. In case you are wondering, I thought it would be cool to review just how many points we have spent 6 months into our year of travel. I also want to share what jumps out to us as the highlights of using all of these miles and points.

Airline Miles

After 6 months, we have spent a total of 611,500 airline miles. Wow – that’s a ton of miles.

These miles have gotten us first class flights on the following airlines:

They have gotten us business class on the following airlines:

They have gotten us economy class on the following airlines:


Japan Airlines first class was our most memorable flight so far. It was our first international first class flight and also the beginning to our memorable stint in Asia. Our Micronesian hopper on United stands out to me because it was such an amazing use of miles (even if it was in economy). Singapore Airlines business class on their A330 also stood out to us. The service was impeccable. This isn’t even one of Singapore’s planes that is supposed to have a great business class product. This flight served Brittany her favorite dessert she has ever had on a plane. If you know Brittany, that gives some huge brownie points (no pun intended). Singapore Airlines “Suites” class was also amazing on their double decker A380 planes. We had a private suite that even turned into a double bed when it was time to get some sleep!

Enjoying a mimosa in the Singapore Krisflyer lounge
Enjoying a mimosa in the Singapore Krisflyer lounge

Hotel Points

After 6 months, we have spent a total of 503,500 hotel points and 18 free night certificates. In total, this has gotten us 46 nights at nice hotels. This includes 14 nights at Club Carlson hotels, 12 nights at Hyatt hotels, 8 Nights at Marriott hotels, 5 nights at IHG hotels, 4 nights at SPG hotels and 3 nights at Hilton hotels.


We were blown away by the Park Hyatt Vienna. It was super luxurious and in a prime location in Vienna. The Radisson Blu Bergen also stood out to us. It had a fantastic location in a town we fell in love with. We also have great memories of the Radisson Blu Longyearbyen. However, the hotel itself was not spectacular. It was the whole experience of Svalbard that made this stay stand out to us.

Radisson Blu Longyearbyen at 1 AM...
Radisson Blu Longyearbyen at 1 AM…

Where That Leaves Us

If combining both airline miles and hotel points, we have spent a whopping 1,115,000 points so far. This has given us some amazing experiences that we will never forget. I don’t know for sure, but I expect we will spend less total points in our remaining 6 months, but will spend more points on flights than we did during our first 6 months. The key to the miles and points game is to know how to spend your hard earned points wisely. If you don’t, your points will not go very far. One of my goals of this blog is to teach you how to spend your points wisely.


Miles and points have allowed us to both save money on our travels and also experience things we never would have experienced otherwise. We accumulated these points over a span of about 2-2.5 years through credit card signup bonuses, manufactured spending, and travel for business. I hope this post motivates you to get more involved in the miles and points game. You can do this just like we did. You just need to get started.

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