5 Nights in Coron, Palawan

After spending a pretty indulgent week in Boracay, Coron was the breath of fresh air we craved. Driving through its rolling hills and pastures teeming with life was extremely refreshing, as was its lack of major chain restaurants. Five nights was a lot in this small town; we could’ve seen it in less, but we enjoy traveling slowly. Here’s how we spent our five nights in Coron.

Views of Coron from the blurry plane window
Views of Coron from the blurry plane window


Our room at Divine Castle

We stayed at Divine Castle Travelers Inn, just a steep staircase away from the center of “downtown” Coron. I put downtown in quotes because the town is extremely small; you can walk pretty much anywhere in less than 10 minutes. While this hotel was a great choice for us, it may not be for everyone. Here are some pros & cons in case you need some help deciding:

Pros: It’s one of the least expensive options in Coron town. They provide a small, free breakfast in the rooftop area, which has great views. They have clean facilities and very friendly staff. The air-conditioning was great. I like its location: not on the main road, but provides easy access to it.

divine castle travelers coron

Cons: The rooms are extremely basic. The bathroom is super small; you could literally shower while you sit on the toilet if you wanted to multi-task (or just say that you did). Our ceiling also leaked, which wasn’t cool. Their wifi was pretty bad; we had to go to the local cafe (Coffee Kong) to upload pictures to our posts.



My personal favorite. They had great vegetarian options and delicious guacamole. I especially enjoyed their special curry with garlic rice.


Pete’s favorite. He fell in love with their sweet & sour pork. They have great prices and you can watch the sunset from their rooftop.

curries from Levines

Coffee Kong

As mentioned above, we went here a couple times to utilize their internet. Their iced Cafe Saigon was incredibly delicious for about $3.

Los Guapos

We had a craving for Mexican food, and this place satisfied…for the most part. Although not exactly authentic Mexican food, the food was delicious, but it came in very small portions. They did provide great service and cheap prices. We got the nachos & tacos.

nachos los guapos


Island Hopping

coron island hopping malcapuya
Malcapuya Island

This is the main draw for Coron. The best way to see the gorgeous waters that Palawan is famous for is to take an island hopping tour. If you’re on a bit of a budget like we are, you can take a cheap tour. Here are the details of the 2 island tours we took with JY. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can pay about $80 for your own private boat for the day (crew included!).

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another popular activity in Coron. We almost went, but decided at the last minute that we’d rather lounge on beaches (Tour C). Wreck Diving is the main draw here, and we weren’t that excited about it.

Have you ever thought of visiting Coron? If not, have we inspired you to visit?

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