• Africa
  • Abundance in Africa

    This post was written by my mom, Janice, about her month in Africa with Pete and me. The past month has been exhilarating and enlightening!  Add enchanting, engaging, exceptional, entertaining – for which we are extremely grateful :).  Just before the TravelBeet.com site was up and running and Brittany and Peter set off for the RTWA (‘Round The World Adventure’), my husband Craig and […]

  • Asia
  • 10 Reasons to Visit Thailand

    Thailand left us feeling completely smitten and hungry for more. Here are some of the reasons we absolutely will return to Thailand, and why this country should be on your list too! 1. Ease of travel The backpacker path is well-worn, which makes traveling around Thailand extremely easy. Getting around the country is very user-friendly. 2. Friendly […]