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  • Planning Bali

    Brittany’s Note: I wrote this post quite a long time ago. If you have questions (or need advice) about traveling to Bali, feel free to post or email us! Bali has always intrigued me with its beaches, climate, night life, and extremely affordable prices. My two friends and I decided to go during our “Study Week” in […]

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  • Lesson 102: Airline Alliances and Partners

    Series: 1. Prepare For Class 2. Lesson 101: Fixed vs Flexible Currencies 3. Lesson 102: Airline Alliances and Partners ______________________________________________________________________ There are 3 main airline alliances in the world: the Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam. For our purposes, this means that if you have points with an airline that is part of one of these alliances, you […]