10 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand left us feeling completely smitten and hungry for more. Here are some of the reasons we absolutely will return to Thailand, and why this country should be on your list too!

1. Ease of travel

The backpacker path is well-worn, which makes traveling around Thailand extremely easy. Getting around the country is very user-friendly.

Trains, planes, buses...even boats!
Trains, planes, buses…even boats!

2. Friendly People

Everyone we met, both locals and foreigners traveling through, was so friendly and helpful. There’s a reason Thailand is called the Land of Smiles! Many people offered to help when we looked like we needed it. It’s very easy to meet people in Thailand!

3. Weather

Since Thailand is so large, different parts of the country experience “rainy season” at different times. This means you’ll always be able to find somewhere to visit in Thailand that has great weather, no matter when you go.

4. Incredible, cheap food

I think it’s a pretty uncontroversial idea that the food in Thailand is absolutely delicious.

I've dreamt about this red peanut curry. Su Chili, Koh Tao
I’m still dreaming about this red peanut curry. Su Chili, Koh Tao

What makes it even better? The very low price, which leads us to…

5. Cost

Despite the huge leap in tourism, Thailand’s prices have remained relatively low. Your money will go far here!

6. Scuba diving

Whether you’re looking to experience diving for the first time, get certified, or a veteran diver, Thailand has experiences to suit everyone’s needs. Koh Tao was the perfect place to get our PADI open water certification!

Happy to be certified in Koh Tao
Happy to be certified in Koh Tao

7. Outdoor adventures

From climbing up sticky falls in Chiang Mai to trekking in Pai to exploring national parks, nature lovers will find an endless amount of opportunities in Thailand.

8. Play with elephants

Chances are, if you’re coming to Thailand, you want an experience with elephants. Read about our experience at the Elephant Nature park and why we will never ride an elephant.


9. Islands

Thailand’s islands are world-renowned. Each one has its own personality, and with such an abundance of islands, your dream island is definitely out there. There are some islands that remain untouched (Ko Mak), while others have built a reputation as the place to party (Ko Pha Ngan). Some islands are very built-up and offer convenience (Koh Samui), while others are off the beaten track and require more effort and patience to get to, but will be worth your while (Ko Chang Noi).

Sairee Beach
Sairee Beach

10. Something for everyone

As you’ve probably noticed from reading the above, Thailand offers something for every type of traveler. Whether you want to lounge by the beach with a cocktail, scuba dive and island hop, bathe with elephants, go trekking, explore temples, go shopping, or get lost in a huge city, Thailand is the place for you!

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What do you love about Thailand?

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